2013 So Far…

For the majority of 2012 I was working at a startup called nom.com helping make Flash based mobile games for Android and iOS (yep Flash works on iPhones – funny, eh?). I wore a lot of hats at Nom designing/building/porting games, managing an offshore team of a dozen, writing documentation, optimizing games, fixing bugs, updating previous projects, and getting my team all working with git. But over this year the landscape for gaming changed quite a lot and the changes that were needed to keep things running just couldn’t happen quickly enough and the company closed my office here in Redwood City at the beginning of the year.

So in January I found myself out of a job with a lot of decisions to be made. How to manage my time between gigs, what kind of new job I should be looking for, what skills I should be learning, any projects to work on now that I had some time.

I still love working with Flash – and ideally I would love writing ActionScript for years to come. However the current web and mobile landscape has taken all the supposed “Flash is dead” media hype to heart and made it a self fulfilling prophecy.

So I figured this was a great opportunity to expand my skill-set a bit and teach myself something new. I tried a bit of Objective-C and some Ruby on Rails. There seemed to be a lot more passion and articles for Rails so I stuck with that primarily. Also since it’s a web framework knowing other things like JavaScript and jQuery come into play. I’ve gone through a couple of pretty involved tutorials creating Twitter and Pinterest style projects deployed to Heroku – so maybe I can find some kind of entry level Rails Engineer position that will foster more of my education.