What a year so far…

For all that’s been going on this year, I’m feeling positive.

There have been a few good things happening, but overall too many life changing events. Even so I find myself re-organizing, prioritizing, and getting things done more than I have in years.

This year I’ve

  • Started a separation (I would say marriage but we never married)
  • Moved out of my condo
  • Worked on a huge project that garnered the client a million fans
  • Had the Company I was working for bought
  • Got laid off
This could all be a really big setback, but I’m viewing it as an opportunity – at least for today. I’ve got a few weeks of runway and this is a good chance to catch up on a couple of projects I’ve wanted to work on but never could really devote the time to. I’m getting my resume and portfolio ready to go now just in case, but once that’s in shape I’ll be working on a few things that I find interesting for a change…